Friday, November 30, 2007

Interviewing G-d

If I could ever interview G-d these are the types of questions I would ask the almighty

1. How old is the Universe?
2. Does the Universe have purpose?
3. Does life have purpose?
4. Is randomness the driving force behind evolution?
5. Did Jesus exist? Who was he?
6. Who shot Kennedy? Was there really a conspiracy?
7. Are ghosts real?
8. Is their order underneath quantum fuzziness?
9. Will humanity survive the century?
10. What percentage of intelligence on anerage is genetic?
11. Did you really communicate with Abraham, Issac and Jacob, Moses and the other prophets in the way the Bible states? Were these individuals even real?
12. Was the Torah really given on Mount Sinai?
13. How much truth is there to the Buddhist concept of Enlightenment?
14. Is Karma real?
15. What other figures throughout history have you communicated with?
16. Did Shakespeare really write all his plays? If not who is the unknown author? Johnson, Marlowe or Bacon?
17. Why didn't you prevent the holocaust?
18. What is the purpose of Evil?
19. What absolutes should one follow?
20. Why are human beings so weak?
21. Is knowledge finite?
22. Do angels exist?
23. What happens to us after we die?
24. What really is consciousness?
25. Why did Hitler not give the deciding order at Dunkirk?
26. Does extra-terrestrial life exist? If so is it intelligent life and will we make contact with it?
27. Will humanity colonize other planets?
28. Will Cancer be cured? How about AIDS?
29.Why have the Jews suffered throughout history?
30. Is ESP real?
31. Is Free Will an illusion?
32. Who built the Pyramids? Stonehenge? Easter Island Statues?
33. Was Atlantis ever real?
34. Who wrote the Bible? To what extent were they divinely inspired?
35. Is there any truth to reincarnation?
36. Is there any truth to Mind/Body Dualism?
37. Is Time Travel possible?
38. Do multiverses exist?
39. Will Islamo-Fascism be defeated?
40. How long will the State of Israel survive?
41. Will the Messiah ever come?
42. What diseases will be of historical significance only..... one hundred years hence?
43. How do you measure success?
44. Is the Speed of Light truly an upper limit?
45. Is Irreducible complexity in Biology a reality or an oversight?
46. What is the best type of test for intelligence?
47. What are the lower limits on the 100m, metric mile and marathon running times?
48. Will England ever win the World Cup again?
49. What advice should I give my children as a father?
50. How best can I overcome my weaknesses?
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