Saturday, October 27, 2007

In the News XXXII

Venezuelan Currency drops as Chavez continues his ruin of the Country
Hugo is writing the rule book on Economic destruction 101.

A strong voice against Olmert's 'Piece' Plan
As Yisrael Katz put it 'Olmert has no mandate to compromise on Jerusalem'.
Personally with his ultra-low approval ratings he has no mandate to do anything of consequence. The man has been an awful Prime Minister.

The Far Left and their Islamo-Fascist Allies stifle free speech once again. much for alternative viewpoints on Campus...One has to love Higher Education.

Possible Turkish Incursion
I believe that this story runs deeper..I wonder if this is not a decoy for Turkey to help the US in the dreadful mess that is Iraq. Defintely worth thinking about...

Polls in California
(without Gore)

Clinton - 45%
Obama - 20%
Edwards - 11%

(with Gore)
Clinton - 35%
Gore -22%
Obama -16%
Edwards - 8%

for more details.

I am hoping that Gore can enter the race to save the Dems from themselves.

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