Sunday, March 26, 2006

Some Nudniks on the US Political Front

Pat Buchanan - represents the ‘bury your head in the sand’ side of US Foreign politics that sees isolation as a viable option. Also goes out of his way to champion those accused of Nazi war crimes. His appeal to the xenophobic element of the American populace reminds me of the American ‘Firsters’ prior to World War II. Thank the almighty that he was reduced to the political wilderness in the 2000 US Election.

Robert Novak – Mr. ‘High and Mighty’. Goes out of his way to deny his Jewish heritage by being as anti-Israel as possible. Could best see him presiding over an exclusive country club, sipping champagne with the Dulles brothers. Go away Mr. Novak and take that mouth full of teeth with you.

Noam Chomsky – The poster boy for the left. Has political views that only a naïve college student (and there are plenty of those) or brain dead idealist (but more of these) would find appealing. Pretty much accuses the US of everything under the sun but then has the hypocrisy to hold down a prestigious chair at that center of the Military Industrial Complex, MIT. Chomsky calls himself a socialist libertarian, but would he give up his expensive house if he had to? Methinks not. Should have stuck with linguistics.

Mike Moore – Has made an entire career conning others that his overly one-sided documentaries are a work of art. It fooled the Cannes Film Festival People (not a high bar to begin with there) but not the public who saw through his sound bites and voted Dubya back in office.

Barbara Ehrenreich – Claims to be the logical voice of the modern American woman but her comments don’t reflect this. Once argued that God owes us one for the South East Asian Tsunami. Listen Babs, God owes us nothing. The only reason we are here in the first place (both you and me) is because of his good will.
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