Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Positive signs

I am delighted to see that Kadima emerged as the largest party in the knesset. Unforunately Olmert will have to tread very carefully. A coalition with Labour might prove necessary but the thought of unionist Amir Peretz having a say in the running of the government is enough to incite any gag reflex. The Leftists at Mertetz could be drawn in as well. A better hope for Israel is if Olmert can form an alliance with Likud and the more right of center parties. The former being likely to scuttle its leader Bibi Netanyahu for new blood.

On the Palestinian front I was pleased to see an announcement from the Canadian Government concerning the cutting of ties with Hamas.

Its great to finally have a government in my homeland that doesn't play footsie with terrorists.

Congrads to Italy for taking in Afghan Christian convert Abdul Rahman whose life was under threat by radicals Islamists in his still religiously intolerant homeland.
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