Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Five Set Tennis Match

While I support pay equity in tennis I still take issue with the fact that the Women’s Grand Slam Events (Australia, French, Wimbledon, US Open) have not shifted to a best-of-five set format as opposed to the best-of-three scenario that currently prevails. If the sexes are to earn the same amount in prize money (even though the women’s game is markedly inferior on almost all measurable yardsticks of technical proficiency) then surely players should at least be expected to pla...y to the same level of competitive rigour especially in the big events. The Grand Slams represent the pinnacle of tennis achievement and those that succeed need to earn their spurs by being subjected to more stringent criteria than those of the regular tennis tournaments (which are generally best-of-three for both men and women). This issue has been brought up before, most recently by Andy Murray in 2013, but after the predictable shout downs by the feminist griping class is quickly swept under the table. Top female competitors are very much capable at playing to the five set format (in fact the season ending WTA tournament adapted the structure between 1983 and 1998) and rightfully should be made to do so to earn the multi-million dollar pay cheques that await the winners of these monumental tournaments. Lets stop with the excuses and get on with it. If you want the big money then work to earn it
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