Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gay Marriage Decision

With the 5-4 US Supreme Court Decision Social Conservatives have lost yet another battle in the cultural war. The most recent defeat follows on losses that SoCons have suffered in the arenas of school prayer, intelligent design, divorce, birth control, sex education and if you want to go back far enough...Rock and Roll. Social Conservatism is clearly on the wrong side of what appears to be tsunami of changes that have engulfed the West from World War Two. Not being a social ...conservative (I am a Classic Liberal who emphasizes individual freedom) I do not take fault with the SCOTUS decision. Indeed I applaud it as a way of bringing into the fold those previously marginalized and enhancing the dynamics of marriage (a remarkable idea) as an important unit of stability in society. While SoCons may react with horror and indeed disbelief at the turn of events better questions to ask are: What defines Western Civilization in the first place? Is it our insistence on clinging to notions that splinter and thereby weaken society or is it the cultivation of a framework that guarantees freedom of being (the source of much of our innovation), non-hurtful action and extended cohesion across a broader platform?

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