Wednesday, February 11, 2015

TV Series of Note

I don't watch much TV ...maybe three hours a week all honesty I prefer reading, writing, pissing on dogma (and leftists in the process) and annoying Dina. However I have managed largely through efficient selection to watch a couple of great shows over the last eight years or so. My Top Nine list would read (don't have enough for a top ten list):

1. The Walking Dead
2. Breaking Bad
3. Big Bang Theory
4. House
5. The Strain
6. House of Cards
7. Orange is the New Black
8. Boston Public (binged watched this)
9. Weeds (First four seasons then it seriously jumped the killer whale...forget about the shark)

I am working on the Americans and Under the Dome so I will let you know how those turn out. Since my watching extravaganza includes zombies, meth production, physics geeks, vampires, corrupt Democrats, women's prisons, dysfunctional high schools and dope dealing housewives, I am starting to wonder what this says about me. Now its true that some of these apparently disparate themes are not as unrelated as one would think at first glance. In fact all eight of them converge at an Occupy Wall Street demonstration but that can't be the answer. I bathe too often to be part of the Occupy crowd and there is that small issue of an ideological difference that spans a chasm bigger than the hole in Willie Nelson's bank balance. Suffice it to say I am without an answer at present so I will place it comfortably in the warmer oven and head off to participate in something even less knowable - deciphering my daughter's fashion preferences.
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