Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Big question

A better question than asking if you are a monotheist, atheist, deist, polytheist, pantheist agnostic or any other combination of the above (indeed if that is at all possible) is one’s answer to the following:

Why does non-human initiated suffering occur (ie. Deaths by natural disaster, most disease etc)? (Human initiated suffering is more easily explained by the free will argument which sets up a whole avenue of debate that is not the intention of this thread).

The following is a list of the common answers given

a. They just do. Humans are nothing special. Change occurs and humans suffer as a consequence. Mother nature is a bitch at times.
b. God wants to teach us a lesson that will help us grow as a people
c. God is angry with us for our evil.
d. The answer will be revealed in time. God knows why. Those who suffer will be rewarded later if they are good.
e. God knows the full picture. We don’t. What we see is suffering may not actually be suffering
f. God wants to help but God is not all-powerful. There are forces beyond his control.
g. The Aliens are toying with us.
h. We are paying the price for errors in past lives.
i. We suffer now but will be rewarded in the future
j. I have no clue. Lets move on and deal with it.
k. God is evil. He indeed may be a demon.
l. Suffering makes us understand God more.
m. We really don’t mean that much to God….in all honesty he doesn’t care one way or the other.
n. God designed the universe but sits back now and certainly doesn’t micromanage.
o. The group of angels that God entrusted the micromanagement to are on strike.
p. Different Gods are battling with each other. This is the consequence of the fight.
q. Its all part of a giant conspiracy controlled by the Illuminati and their shape shifting extra-terrestrial bosses.
r. Random fluctuations of a butterflies wings….Chaos man.
s. God is being held hostage by Satan.
t. God is testing our faith.

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