Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Twenty Things Obama has got wrong during his presidency

1. Race Relations - His rhetoric and the presence of race-baiters in his administration such as Attorney-General Eric Holder have further inflamed this volatile issue. For a post-racial president Obama has done very little to heal the animosity that exists between the races (I personally believe that there is only one race – the Human Race but the left continues to keep the race construct alive). His handling of the Skip Gates and Trayvon Martin affairs are testament to this. In addition the tainted figures of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are regular visitors to the White House. It is well known that these two characters are regular problem makers (not solvers). Why then does Obama still give them the time of day?

2. Increased the US National Debt with a series of ill-conceived bailout policies and misguided Neo-Keynesian initiatives that has further made the great nation into the largest debtor entity in the history of western civilization. More debt has been built up under Obama than under any other president in US history. In fact the debt now stands at 105% of GDP.

3. Choked the Keystone Pipeline - which would have created much needed jobs in the US, solidified relations with Canada and provided a source of oil independent of the Middle East.

4. Killed several NASA initiatives (Moon , Mars etc)…Nobody is sure what the Administration does these days…This is a great shame as former Democrat Presidents Kennedy and Johnson were at the forefront advocating for NASA.

5. Wasted a large amount of taxpayer dollars on silly environmental initiatives such as Clash for Clunkers and Solyndra that have proved to be dismal failures.

6. Signed an environmental agreement with China which very much favours the latter giving them license to pollute for some time, while placing stronger environmental restrictions on the US.

7. Has promoted a PC culture in the armed forces that stifles criticism of Islam and favours sensitivity training over common sense. This was best seen in the secrecy surrounding the Nidal Malik Jihadist inspired killings. Obama’s relations with the US military have been poor at best. He has dismissed several generals and clashed bitterly with his first three Defence Secretaries: Robert Gates, Leon Panetta and Chuck Hagel.

8. Has failed to take a tough enough stance against Iran. His policies have rewarded the Mullahs with the gift of ‘time’ as they continue building up their nuclear enrichment program.

9. Threw a poorly handled and nebulous Obamacare strategy down the throats of the American people in a way that threatens the integrity of American healthcare coverage on many levels.

10. Pushed through an illegal immigrant amnesty directives that jeopardizes the rule of law and rewards those guilty of bypassing the system. His decision to go ahead with the so-called DREAM Act, which has failed repeatedly to pass through Congress, represents a huge slap in the face to those Americans seeking to enter the US legally. It is also doubtful whether the directives will stem the flow of illegal immigration.

11. Released several terrorists in exchange for Army deserter Bowe Berghdahl. Has released other terrorists as well who will no doubt reward the US by continuing their Jihad against the Great Satan.

12. Continues to use John Kerry as a blunt instrument to bash Israel over the head while ignoring Palestinian indiscretions. State Dept has poured much money into Hamas backed regime in Gaza who continue to advocate for the destruction of the State of Israel.

13. Used the IRS to investigate conservative organizations with many of the e-mails associated with this somehow ‘disappearing’.

14. Was caught on Microphone offering the Russians more flexibility on Missile Control. Talk about transparency. Ouch.

15. The Veterans Affair Scandal.

16. Endorsed the disaster known as the Arab Spring that has made the Middle East an even more volatile region than before. Sacrificed US ally, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, but did little to support popular anti-Mullah protests in Iran.

17. Withdrew US troops prematurely from Iraq thereby facilitating the rise of ISIS.

18. Did not provide the necessary support to the US Staff in the Benghazi embassy attack (in fact it seems that neglected several briefings on this issue). His administration also lied to the public about the origins of the attacks blaming it on a cheap anti-Muslim movie while playing down the obvious Jihadist elements behind the killings. Shame on congressional Republicans for not following through with greater vigilance on this national security travesty.

19. Takes credit for US economic success (driven largely by the pro-market ‘Red State’ of Texas) that has occurred despite his actions rather than because of it. Administration continues to downplay the rise in U6 unemployment in the country that has risen during his term of office.

20. Has given a much needed lifeline to the Castros in Cuba who head a regime with a notoriously poor human rights record. Neglects to take Cuba to task for their assistance as torturers/interrogators of US POWs in Vietnam.
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