Sunday, December 07, 2014

Open Letter to Jian Ghomeshi

To Jian

Lets face it the situation is looking bleak right now. Those accusing you of sexual harassment have reached double digit levels and while you are still lagging behind Bill Cosby in this department you need to act fast before the situation really spirals out of control. You have already erred so far with that silly lawsuit now its time to limit the damage. My suggestion is to change your strategy. Throw the ball back at your accusers by charging them with Racism and if that fails pull out the in vogue Islamophobia card. Argue that you are the most successful Iranian-Canadian in media history and that you have set the trend for others to follow. Remember that you broke through a glass ceiling. In a sense you are a trailblazer who has had the rug ripped from below his feet by systemic white racism that masquerades as liberal tolerance, just when you reached the top of your profession (whatever that is). Force the establishment to swallow that (no pun intended). If they don’t cave they will surely buckle, especially in politically correct Canada, where racial intolerance of any kind is regarded as an unspeakable offence.

Is this dishonest? Of course it is…but we are not here to debate morality only to get you out of spending time in prison where you would likely discover first hand what it is to be on the receiving end of unwanted sexual advances. My thinking has much promise. Remember that racism always triumphs sexism in today’s calculus of grievances and the fact that you were an icon of the left should guarantee you some points as well (a big advantage over Bill Cosby who made the mistake a few years ago of uttering opinions which many deem to be conservative and now is seen by the media as being someone who is ‘less black’). OJ Simpson used such a defence, and it worked. Hell.....He got away with two murders. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have made fortunes and gained notoriety playing the race card and the best aspect of all is that if it does fail you don’t have to apologize to anyone afterward. Sharpton never does and he is wrong almost all the time.

Signed A regular citizen trying to make sense of a world fraught with double standards.

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