Monday, August 26, 2013

The 5Gs

I am working on a system of personal development known as the 5Gs that I have developed. The system is holistic but builds on a super-structure similar to the sefirot from the world of the Kabbalah. What are the 5Gs? In short they are Gains, Goals, Giving, Gratitude and Growth.
The first two elements pair together as do elements three and four producing the Growth hiatus. More to follow as I work on the details.

The following is a list of my influences.
· Judaic Philosophy: Kabbalah – Concept of the Soul – Extension of Self, Good Deeds - Unity of One.
· Classical Wisdom: Plato- Unexamined Life – not worth living, Aristotelean Logic + Rationalism, Seneca on Expectations – Stoicism
· Hume: Reasonable Skepticism, Descartes – Critical Reductionism
· Nietzche –Becoming a Superman – Exercising your intent/will
· Kierkegaard – Necessary Leap of Faith
· Frankl – Man’s Search for Meaning
· Four Agreements
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