Monday, August 13, 2012

In the News LXIX

Romney picks a Running Mate
Paul Ryan is young, vibrant and conservative (paricularly on the Fiscal side of the equation). He is not the more ethnic candidate that Jonah Goldberg was hoping for but he is streets above Sarah Palin and will more than give the former Massachussets governor a boost amongst the core Republican constituency. Needless to say the usual suspects will be out to break the new VP candidate. Meanwhile in taking a leaf from George Bush Senior Obama gets creative with his criticism of the Republican ticket.

Final Curtain for 2012 Olympics
The 2012 Olympics, which in my opinion were the best ever with respect to overall atmosphere, opening and closing ceremonies, doping problems and athlete performance, ended yesterday. Again Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt wooed the crowd but the highlight of the competition were the performances of team GB and the recapture of the #1 medal spot by the USA. This is a wonderful boost for the English speaking nations.

Boris Johnson shines again
As a fan of Boris Johnson I am delighted that the Olympics have helped his rising star. If he can reduce the gaffe count its possible that he may emerge as a future British PM. Only time will far as Londoners are concerned those he is at least an order of magnitude better than uber-leftist and radical Islam appeaser Ken Livingstone.

Gore Vidal and Alexander Cockburn are both dead
I can't say that I am upset by the passing of these two anti-Israel zealots. I never liked Vidal's vitriol (which bordered on the anti-semitic) and his disdain for the great American institutions was loathsome.As a writer he was overrated. Cockburn was less of a name but equally as quick to tarnish the American brand (the country that adopted him - talk about biting the hand that feeds you). He was unapologetic in his support for leftist terror and like Chomsky, Pilger and Cole did much to put a positive spin on the Islamist threat to the West.

A real tragedy - Earthquake in Iran

Evil incarnate Mohammed Ahmadinejad and his gang of thugs that run the exceutive n Iran were criticized for their poor handling of the Iranian earthquake disaster. Maybe if he focused less attention on the Jews (his obvious obsession) Ahmadinejad could actually do something productive like care for the well being of his people.

US Economy still in the doldrums four years later despite the message from liberal spin doctors

Having come close to virtually bankrupting the Treasury Department and saddling futuire generations with the greatest debt in economic history, Barack Obama and his 'brain' trust will have to work overtime to sell the American public on the sucess of his clearly flawed  Neo-Keynesian Economics policies. However with a compliant mainstream media, taking cues from the New York Times and such windbags as Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz  he may just pull it off. So much for facts. Romney really needs to go for the jugular here.Some indications are that he already has.

Yes I know that both Stiglitz and Krugman are Nobel Prize winners in Economics but lets face it Economics is not a real science and together with  Literature and Peace the contrived Economics Prize is an overhyped  award that is most ofteb driven by politics than merit.

The real Nobel Prizes are Physics, Chemistry and Medicine (Biology).

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