Sunday, August 26, 2012

Home Opener at Anfield

After last week's dreadful performance (a 3-0 loss to West Brom at the Hawthorns) Liverpool got their act together and tied 2-2 with Man City at  Anfield. The Red's passing was crisp (something that was missing last year) and one can clearly see Rodger's Tiki Taki strategy taking hold. Both the Skrtel header and the Suarez free kick goal were first rate and if it weren't for the habit of shipping cheap goals (especially the second one that tied the game finely) Liverpool would have been worthy winners, Nevertheless the match was a definite upper from the season opener and if Liverpool can keep up the style and solidify the lack of concentration weakness then they may indeed challenge for a Champions League Spot (not a title - City, United and Chelsea will fight over that). Still a concern though is the need for a striker to relieve some of the pressure off Suarez. I would suggest that the brass persist with Andy Carroll but somehow he doesn't seem to be part of Rodgers' bigger plan - expect Clint Dempsey to ship in by the trade deadline.
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