Monday, August 30, 2010

New from New Scientist...for Now

I have been catching up on a stack of New Scientist Magazines. Here are some cool ideas that worth noting

1. Life Simulation program - The Game of Life program may one day tell us about our beginnings.
2. Himalayan Glaciers are not melting as fast as expected
3. Right handed molecules may dominate life on Mars.
4. Sea snail venom could be a possible pain reliever
5. Male voice strength related to muscular build...
6. On and Off switch could be the guide to the emergence of complex life.
7. Plastic may decay quicker than we think
8. Sterile neutrinos may be the source of Dark Matter
9. Stem Cells restore sight to blind people
10 Female Viagra a no-go
11. Modest solar activity can cause chaos with terrestrial technology (so may be it could be more responsible for global warming than conventional wisdom seems to believe)
12. Frozen tissue (from a dead animal) may be reprogrammed to bring endangered species back to life.
13. Einstein's Equivalence Principle - will be put to the test using atoms from Bose-Einstein condensate.
14. Chimpanzees kill to win New territory (sounds like another primate we know too well).
15. Quantum Machines will explore the boundary between the quantum and everyday worlds.

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