Thursday, August 19, 2010

50 Things I don't like about the US

Excessive Materialism
US military support for Saudi Arabia
Culture of Litigation
Affirmative Action overload
Fred Phelps and his wack jobs
Very insular reporting of news by local media
Way too many elections
The Hype on College Sport
The over use of Standardized testing
Us vs Them politics – pick your team Democrat or Republican
Corrupt local governments: Detroit, Washington, Chicago
High per capita energy use
Movement to introduce intelligent design into the Science curriculum
West Coast Drug Culture
Race merchants – Jackson, Sharpton and co.
Sensationalist Driven News Media
Military Industrial Complex
Hollywood value system
Crassness of the nouveau riche
Extremely arrogant superstars
American Idol
Oprah Winfrey and her gang of hangers on.
The ACLU sabotaging the fight against international Jihadism
The bias of the All-powerful NY Times
Ward Churchill, Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky
Overly lax pollution laws
Society of Have and Have not
Government bailout of car companies
Obese epidemic
New York snootiness
Activist Court Judges who walk over the constitution
Anti-Semitic haven: Rense, Stormfront, Aryan Nation etc.
Culture of Self Promotion
Lack of discipline in school system
Disparity in the school system
Gangsta culture
Jimmy Carter, Pat Buchanan, Helen Thomas
Adoration of the Kennedys
Proliferation of unhealthy foods in the supermarket
Cavalier banking system
Ridiculously short allowable maternity leaves
Inflated prison system resulting from misguided war on drugs
Professional sporting system ruled too a fault by the all-mighty dollar
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae
Weak federal policy in preventing illegal immigration
Exaggerated understanding of success in the War of 1812
Urban sprawl
US history of co-operation with Nazi Germany
Ineptness of the CIA and US military Intelligence
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