Sunday, July 25, 2010

World Cup Review

The 2010 World Cup Ended Two weeks ago. Here is my overall assessment.

1. It was a better World Cup than 1990 and 2002 but not as great as 1982, 1986, 1994, 1998 or 2006.

2. 10 Best player in the tournament:
a. Inietsa - Spain
b. Snjeider- Netherlands
c. Forlan - Uruguay
d. Villa - Spain
e. Muller - Germany
f. Xavi - Spain
g. Puyol - Spain
h. Pique - Spain
i. Donovan - US
j. Kuyt - Netherlands

3. Five teams that impressed:
a. Spain
b. The Dutch (except in the final)
c. Germany
d. The US
e. Japan

4. The Choker Award goes to Argentina

5. Biggest wastes of space: France, Italy, Cameroon.

6. Surprise packages: Uruguay, New Zealand and South Africa.

7. Really Bland Teams: England, France, Italy, Switzerland, Paraguay and North Korea

8. To watch out for in the Future: Germany and Brazil.

9. Critical Items missing from the World Cup (but don't hold your breadth for 2014)
a. Goal Line Technology
b. Professional Referees

10. Weakness of 2010 World Cup - Really poor set plays
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