Wednesday, July 07, 2010

An update

School is over for the summer and I am comforted by the fact that 2009/2010 was both a meaningful and growth filled year in my teaching career. Kudos to my colleagues and students for setting such a high standard.

I have been reading a bit as of late (when am I ever not?) and would recommend to all those who share a spiritual yearning, as I do, to read David Aaron's Secret Life of God. Aaron's follows a rational approach that builds constructively while speaking to the soul. I intend to read one or two more of his books as his approach to the Kabbalah is the most honest I have seen in a long time.

The World Cup has had its shares of emotional highs and lows. I was disappointed (although I partly expected it) to see England's early exit (they were awful) but I am heartened by the success of my no.2 and 3 team's in the competition, the Netherlands and Spain. A Dutch triumph on this great stage would be fitting. Come on Oranjie!!

The ridiculous waste of money, known as the G-20 summit, was held in Toronto and more than created the expected chaos. From anarchists running wild, to poor police intelligence to the crocodile tears of leftist radicals, to a waste of tax payer money and business revenue this was definitely one for the disaster file. Memo to World leaders: Meet on a Remote Island next time you feel like a photo op.

I saw the movie 'Shutter Island' recently. Once again Leonardo DiCaprio was at his acting best and while the story had the required twists and turns it falls short at the end in rising to meet the high point of this genre, as set in " A Beautiful Mind". Nevertheless its worth seeing (spoiler alert aside).
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