Sunday, March 14, 2010

So much for Higher Education

David Frum Dishes it to York University...
Well done David. Score one for sanity.

Here is the excerpt

Two weeks ago, I published a National Post column about York University in Toronto, and its policy on student speech about the Middle East. The column included this line: “Since the anti-Israel people might use violence, the speech of the pro-Israel people must be limited. On the other hand, since the pro-Israel. On the other hand, since the pro-Israel people do not use violence, the speech of the anti-Israel people can proceed without restraint

That column has elicited more reaction — from Canadians, as well as correspondents in other countries — than anything I have published in the National Post in many years. Let me share some of that reaction with you today. I have withheld names and identifying details.

“I attended York briefly, from September to December 2000, when I was trying to complete a one-year Master’s degree in English Literature. What I found on that campus disgusted me. Closed-minded professors; ignorant, bigoted students, and an overall atmosphere antagonistic to any form of free speech or thought. Fortunately for me, my year was cut short by that famous labour dispute which began in October and ended in February 2001. That was the end of my university days and I’ve not looked back. Over time, I have come to see the labour dispute as a blessing and consider myself fortunate that I do not hold a degree from York University. Since then I have counselled many prospective university students to stay clear away from that place. I would never step a foot back on that campus … My decision to attend York University was the only regret I have.”

“I worked for security there during undergrad and TA strikes. The administration is only the tip of the iceberg. I would argue the faculty/TAs are the worst of the bunch by facilitating a culture of ‘open discussion’ — as long as the open discussion doesn’t extend to pro-Israel views."

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