Saturday, March 20, 2010

Champion's League Draw

Bordeaux vs Lyon - French teams are generally not a threat in Champions League Football (except for Marseilles in 1993). Nevertheless a French team has to emerge victorious from this one and my pick is Lyon (they beat Real Madrid after all).

Man U vs Bayern - The Germans have Schweinsteiger, Ribery and Robben but United have Rooney and Van Der Saar. I expect that the Mancs will persevere.

Bacelona vs Arsenal - Arsenal are a smoke and mirrors team with a great manager. Barcelona are pure class regardless of management. Expect the Gunners CL run to end here.

CSKA Moscow vs Inter Milan - Jose Mourinho is a crafty devil but the Russians have a dodgy pitch and a younger squad acting in their favour. Samuel Eto'o will be key. This will be a close one but I am going out on a limb and calling for a Muscovite win.
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