Saturday, November 14, 2009

Quantum Loop Gravity

What is Quantum Loop Gravity?
The Quick and Dirty:

A Theory of spacetime
Leading proponents include: Lee Smolin, Carlo Rovelli, John Baez, Roger Penrose and Abhay Ashtekar
Alternative to string theory - views space space as made up of discrete (quantised) loops that mesh together
Loops are spin networks of gravitational fields that have been energized.
In short: It is a quantum theory of Gravity.
It is strongly focused on Geometry
It is background independent

What are the strengths of Quantum Loop Gravity?

It doesn't require the higher dimensions of string theory
Very faithful to General Relativity especially Einstein's field equations
It deals very well with Black Holes
Replaces Big Bang Singularity with a Big Bounce
Can explain a positive cosmological constant
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