Sunday, June 07, 2009

In the News LVII

Obama woos Muslim World

There were several errors and rewrites of history in his speech but it could have been a lot worse. The Detroit Free Press had this to say. I personally liked David Horowitz's take.
Ralph Alter (American Thinker) nevertheless sees Obama as America's first Female President (you may want to avoid sharing this with your feminist friends).

Bad Economic Policy likely to make the situation in the US even worse.

Gerard Jackson of Brookes News has a first rate economic mind. He has the following to say about Obamanomics.

Gordon Brown sinks further into the sludge

Its really time that British electorate throw out Labour and elect a Conservative Government.

Chavez to expand oil nationalizations

Chavez is prepared to kill off all foreign investment to feed his ego - even if it means bankrupting his country. He already has substantial control of the air waves and is stifling freedom of speech.

Lebanese vote in General Election

If Hezbollah and their allies in the Free Patriotic Movement Movement come to power this could spell more trouble for the Israelis. I still can't believe that the Christian leader Michel Aoun is willing to ally himself with the Islamofascists of Hezbollah in the first place. The New York Slimes had this to say about the election.

More evidence of Al Qaeda's international outreach. (Sssh don't tell this to leftists apparently Islamist terror is an illusion). Jihad Watch reported on this article.
More on Al Qaeda in Algeria.

France gets tough on Iran.
Bravo Nicolas Sarkozy.

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