Sunday, May 31, 2009

In the News LVI

Obama sets deadline for Middle East breakthrough
Like his predecessors Obama appears to want to go down in history as the man who made great great process in the Arab-Israeli 'progress' though he means sacrificing Israel's security needs to appease the thugs in the PA and Hamas...As a supporter of Israel I am praying that Netanyahu holds firm and sticks to his convictions...Once again these are tough times for Israel ( I still can' believe that 75% of all Jews voting for BO....yes Jews excel in many areas as a group but in political choice they are often very stupid.Obama knows this as well he told a Jewish congregation that he supports an undivided Jerusalem then changed his tune the next day...the silence from the official leaders of the Jewish communities was deafening on this about face). For more read the Final Solution

North Korea rattles its sabre
The North Koreans played Carter and Clinton as patsies extracting nuclear technology for a promise (that they never kept nor intended to keep) to curtail their WMD program. They lied and got away with it now it appears they have found more sock puppets to play - the Obama Administration and the tunnel vision crew at the State Department.

Its well known that an organization such as ACORN is very much involved in election fraud on behalf of the Democrat Party but what is less well known is how Obama and co. are selectively stifling democracv in the US.

More on the Lefts favourite dictator - Chavez Seeks Tighter Grip on the Military.
Its only a matter of time before he impoverishes Venezuela.

Miami man awarded $1 billion in suit against Castro.
As if all thinking people needed more convincing evidence that Castro that homicidal maniac Che Guevara were goons.

Reformist Accuses Ahmadinejad of driving inflation
His accusation seems reasonable but then haven't Obama and his works in the Treasury Department done the same thing in the spending realm with a $2-3 trillion rope around the necks of future generations?
The bailout of GM and Chrysler and the fact that GM is virtually now a Government Motors is an insult to the very foundations of free enterprise that forms the backbone of success that is the US.

Helen Zille extends Olive branch to Zuma
Mark my words Zuma will do to South Africa what Mugabe has done to Zimbabwe. Zille is trying to save her own neck with such gestures- she seems genuine but now its Route One for Zuma towards his dictatorship.

Gordon Brown may be toppled
British Labour is a bankrupt party running a country that has been spiralling downward for some time. I am not convinced that Cameron and co. in the Tory's are much better though but it certainly looks as if Gordon Brown is playing the part of Dead Man Working.

Once again the French snub their nose at those who saved their collective behind in World War II.
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