Saturday, April 25, 2009

In the News LV

....I am still sticking with this Roman numerals......

Chavez wants reach extended in silencing his opponents
...and many on the left still see him as a champion of blinkered can you get?

Churches calls for safety of Tamils in Sri Lanka
The situation of the Tamils continues to worsen...Will the world do anything about this?
I wouldn't wager on it.

Diplomats walk out on Iran's Fascist President's hateful speech
This was a sight for sore eyes. Western Diplomats showing some backbone. It would be great if they followed this up with a full boycott of the Mullah Regime. Unfortunately that won't happen

North Korea could well have the world's largest artillery force
I am not convinced but the pariah regime has really chosen guns over butter in the classical battle of priorities. I am all the more curious as to how Obama and co. will treat Kim Jong-Il...hopefuly not with appeasement.

Judge adopts Obama standards for Gitmo detention
Wasn't he supposed to shut this down within a 100 days or so?....I guess reality has dawned on the Big O aka the Promise breaker . Meanwhile the great unifier continues to build bridges by opening the gates to go after certain Bush security much for the non-partisan era that the MSM told us would be on the cards with an Obama administration.

US needs to improve banking system says Bank of Canada Governor.

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