Saturday, April 25, 2009

English Football Season

I have followed English football off and on since the 76/77 Season always cheering for my Club at Arms Liverpool...but this season for the first time in along period I am starting to wonder if its all worth it....not so much cheering for Liverpool (which I probably always will do) but following the game with the intensity that I have in the past. In short I have lost some faith in the sport, that on the club level in England, appears to be dominated by the super haves of the game. By super haves I mean Manchester United and Chelsea both of whom have monetary coffers that will ensure domination of the trophy haul by a combination of each for some time.

Granted Liverpool is no slouch in the purse strings department but when push comes to the proverbial shove the Kakas, Ronaldos, Riberys, Drogbas, Ferdinands, Tevezs and Messis of the world, who ultimately secure domestic and Champions League Titles League titles, will always gravitate to the big money...and by big money that has to be Man U and Chelsea.

Its really sad because the game has settled into a predictability that has rendered it on a level....well boring. Liverpool have chased hard this season but cannot count on the stock of reserves that moneybags United can field and at the end it is this difference that brings United closer to an 18th title, another championship video, more swooning by the red army in the press and a giant yawn from the rest of the collective league who can only shake their head at the asymmetry of it all.
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