Sunday, December 30, 2007

36 Useless Items/Ideas/People

(not in any order)

1. The United Nations
2. The CIA - still wondering if its a rogue agency
3. Education Schools
4. Tottenham Hotspurs Defence
5. The Canadian Liberal Party
6. Sid Ryan
7. The Naomis: Klein, Wolf and Campbell
8. Affirmative Action Programs
9. Thabo Mbeki's government in South Africa
10. The Guardian Newspaper/Toronto Star
11. English Cricket Team
12. FIFA
13. The majority of current High School Math Textbooks
14. Speech Codes
15. Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson
16. Michael Coren's Wednesday Night Show
17. Cough Medicines
18. Astrology
19. The Kyoto Accord
20. Marxist Intellectuals
21. The US-Mexico Border Barrier
22. Anti-Science Hysteria
23. School Detention/Suspension Programs
24. Gun Registeries
25. 99% of the internet
26. Homework for the sake of Homework
27. The majority of Hynotherapists
28. Negotiating with Terrorists
29. Hollywood for the most part
30. The Regular Hockey Season
31. Storylines in many of today's comics
32. The Vietnam War
33. Teachers who don't further their understanding of their particular discipline
34. Most poetry
35. Jimmy Carter dealing with the Soviets
36. Heavyweight Boxing at present

1 comment:

Thunderbird said...

The UN is the most usless bunch of tyrants around we should just evict those bunch of crooks