Friday, February 02, 2007

Ten A's that I like

(Not in order)

1. Astrophysics/Astronomy - Form the basis for my book 'A History of the Future'. I have owned a reflecting telescope since 1985. Only regret is that I haven't had time to use it lately. Special Interest: Future Evolution of the Universe.

2. Alexander the Great - Arguably the greatest military general of all-time. A relatively tolerant conqueror he helped spread Greek rationality eastward.

3. Amadeus - Middle Name of Wolfgang Mozart - one of music's true geniuses.

4. Aleinu - My favourite Hebrew prayer.

5. Aircraft - especially those of the World War II era.

6. Astral Travel - The idea fascinates me despite the doubt about its reality.

7. Algebra - What can I say its relaxes me. Bizarre isn't it...

8. Ancient History - A personal study and a course that I was very fortunate to design and teach for three years.

9. Australia - One of the few countries with a backbone in the war against terror.

10. Asthma Spray - A device that has kept me alive all these years.
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