Monday, February 05, 2007

In the News XIX

Chavez and Calderon of Mexico go head to head
No not a WBA title fight - but a fight over the future of Latin American Economics. Lets hope Chavez comes up second.

Rice ripped for avoiding terrorist label on Hamas,7340,L-3361187,00.html
And we wonder why so many don't take the war against terror
in the US seriously. Come on Condi wake up....

Hezbollah is up to their old tricks,2933,250355,00.html
Another sign of the failure of Lebanon 2006.

More stupidity from a leftwing Israeli,,2002298,00.html
Arafat was hated by Hamas. Furthermore his regime of corruption did the Palestinians no favour. What Aviney forgets is that the so-called father of the Palestinian people was a key sponsor of terrorism. Long may he rot.
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