Thursday, December 28, 2006

In the News XIII

Gerald Ford passes away
He never won a presidential election but he helped the country through a difficult time.
Some say he was the Last of the Moderate Republicans - whatever that means. Also helped Canada into the G-7 (now G-8). I wonder what Chevy Chase, who impersonated him on SNL, has to say now?

Jean Kirkpatrick RIP
Non-partisan US Ambassador to the UN during the 80's. Champion of the Strong American Policies that helped revitilize the US after the woeful Carter Administration years.

Israel allows Egypt to ship arms to Fatah
This is the types of dangerous game that Israel should not be playing.

A victory against the Islamists,21985,20983463-663,00.html
Unfortunately the AU and the Arab League will probably find a way of screwing this up.

Iran 'facing disaster' over collapsing fuel exports
Has the rogue regime bitten off more than it can chew? Lets hope so.

Homeless problem lingers in Venezuela despite Chavez plan
Maybe if he stopped dishing out oil to the dregs of the political world he could actually help
his own people. Just a thought...........
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