Sunday, December 24, 2006

How to spot a Leftist?

1.Insists on being heard but then denies the rights of others through highly restrictive speech codes.

2.Rallies against the US as the Great Satan while embracing such dictatorships and human rights violators as Syria, Iran, Libya andNorth Korea

3.Worships at the feet of Noam Chomsky without ever questioning the skewed logic and information that underpins his arguments.

4.Has a 101 excuses to apologize for the evils of the Khmer Rouge, Stalin, Mao, etc

5.Insists that every country has a right to self-defense except the US and Israel.

6. Still believes deep down that Marxism can work despite is horrendous history of failure.

7. Claims to represent the people while hiding behind the coattails of academia.

8.Dismisses all gender arguments in opposition as sexist thus ending debate.

9. Dismisses all race relations arguments in opposition as racist thus ending debate one again.

10.Claims to champion diversity unless the diversity disagrees with his/her own opinions.

11.Insists that all cultures have contributed to science equally (as of late) despite the fact that over 90% of all innovations in the last four hundred years are the product of Western thought.

12.Champions Feminism in the West but can’t bring him or herself to back NATO forces against the Anti-Woman Taliban (whose treatment of Women and Girls is not morally justifiable at any level).

13.Loves the culture of victim hood – sees it as empowering – for themselves.

14.Can’t see the bias in Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911 – insists it’s a work of art.

15. Loves to see the government spend other people’s money.

16.Has no problem with those who abuse welfare but still insist on criticizing the system.

17. Ignores all factors to the contrary to idealize such figures as Salvador Allende and Fidel Castro.

18. Believes in Utopias and will stop at nothing to see them implemented.

19. No policy by the Liberal Democracies are ever good enough – unless of course they bring the revolution closer.

20. Believe in a journalistic culture that seeks to twist public opinion based on anecdotal cases.

21. Favorite phrase when cornered is to insist on a Right Wing Backlash

22. Still can’t understand that Hitler was a socialist whose policies of societal engineering were akin to Marxist-Leninism.

23. Hates Ronald Reagan for ending the Cold War. Loves Jimmy Carter for allowing the Soviets to gain an upper hand during the Cold War.

24. Believes that the root cause of violence is poverty and insists that terrorism is a consequence of poverty despite the fact that the poorest countries on our planet have no record of terrorism.

25. Denies that threat of Islamic terror is real despite all evidence to the contrary –Methinks - Denial as defense.

26. Will continue to blame all problems in Africa on Colonization (at least for the next millennium or so) while ignoring the abysmal records of Africa’s post-colonial dictatorships.

27. Have satisfactorily whitewashed Nelson Mandela’s support for Terrorism in his earlier year – granting him the virtual honour of sainthood.

28. Favors affirmative action while claiming to oppose discrimination.

29. Ultimately believe that the source of all evil is wealthy white men – The Scapegoat Theory – while claiming to love all people.

30. Favour a dumbing down of education so that those who are intellectually challenged can reach the same levels as those who are bright.

31. Hates IQ tests as they confirm what a leftist wishes to deny – that humans have differential levels of ability.

32.Insists on socialized medicine as the panacea for all despite its inability to support itself. Rejects all attempts at reformation of such a system as elitism.
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