Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Divergent Science Questions

25 General Science Issues for high school science students to think about

Where does life begin? When does it end?
Can it be argued that a human being is merely a stage in the lifecycle of a sperm or egg?
Is knowledge finite? (a bit esoteric)
Should we develop technology to allow us to live forever?
What are the limits of science (Different to #3)?
Is Intelligence primarily Nature or Nurture driven?
How can we spot ‘Bad Science’?
Is Intelligent Design real Science?
Does the Soul exist?
Genetic Modified Food (Good or Bad?)
Cloning - Yay or Nay?
Designer Babies
Ramifications of Time Travel (Parallel vs Non-parallel systems)
Extending Self-Awareness to other species
Scientific Funding (When does it become questionable?)
Science as Orthodoxy. Is Science a Religion?
Should all drugs be legalized and taxed?
What are the drivers for Science?
What would happen to the planet if humans disappeared overnight (New Scientist had a great article on this)?
Missile Defense Shields – Good or Bad?
Will a deadly pathogen wipe our species off the face of the Earth?
What are the next few milestones in Human Evolution?
Reproductive Technologies – How far do we go?
Does Science/Technology detach us from our humanity?
Is Artificial Life possible?
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