Thursday, November 16, 2006

Both sides of the Intelligent Design debate

Key Concepts:

A list of topics for a possible Evolution by Random Mutation vs ID debate/discussion.

The History of Evolution

· Thinking of the Ancient Greeks
· The Geological Work of Lyall and Hutton (Old Earth)
· Influence of Thomas Malthus
· The Power of Time
· The Fossil Record
· Lamarck’s Work
· Vestigial Organs
The Platypus
· Melanism in Moths
· Archaeopteryx
· Darwin: Evolution by Natural Selection
· Adaptation and Speciation
· The Birth of Mendelian Genetics
· Micro vs Macro Evolution
· Neo-Darwinism
· Selfish Gene Theory
· Punctuated Equilibrium vs Gradualism
· Convergent vs Divergent Evolution
· Random Mutation/Transposons
· Opposition to Darwinism
· Wrongful Extensions: Social Darwinism
· Genome Projects
· Computer Modelling

Intelligent Design

William Paley – The Watchmaker
Michael Behe – Irreducible Complexity - mousetraps
William Dembski – The Mathematical Challenge
The Infinite Monkeys vs Infinite Typewriters Argument
Lee Spetner – Random Mutation fails the probability challenge
Design from physics – Fine Tuning of the Universal Constants
The Anthropic Principle
Fermi’s Paradox
Politics: The Discovery Institute
Blood Clotting, The Immune System, The Eye and the Flagella of Bacteria
God of the gaps
The Cambrian Explosion?

Other challenges to the traditional model

· Thermodynamics
· Contingency needs
· Loop Systems
· Complexity Theory

Challenges to ID

· God of the gaps
· Religious convenience
· Imperfect design
· Credibility
· Falsification
· The illusion of design
· Convenient Statistics – Geared for a specific outcome
· Ignores – concept of self organization
· Complexity through randomness
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