Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sept 30th - Oct 6th Overview

I know its been ten days or so and I have last blogged. So this entry represents a catch-up on whats been happenning in my life.

Sept 30th - Had a meeting with Chapters regarding my book 'A History of the Future'. Looks as though I will be involved in an author signing initiative shortly. Excellent News.

This made up for Liverpool's 2-0 defeat at Bolton. At least Chelsea dropped points to the Villains (1-1 at the Bridge) though.

Oct 1st - Turned 38. A bit depressing but I cannot complain about my life and the blessings from G-d that I have received so far. My little son and wife are incredible.

Man United beat Newcastle 2-0 as expected. That fixture is so predictable.

Oct 2nd - Yom Kippur. Made it through the fast without my regular coffee withdrawel headache. Speeches at Aish were not as motivating as usual this year but then again maybe I have heard them before in one form or another.
Parents bought me an awesome book on the 'Race to Split the Atom'. Will be reading that soon. Although I have a stack of New Scientists to get through.

October 3rd - Back at School for more Teacher Ed. The debates in the Foundation Course are wonderful. Oh yes I managed to inform some young idealist Illuminati conspiracy nut on the bus that he had no real foundation for his Anti-Zionist position. This was somewhat enjoyable.

October 4th - Thinking a lot about Complexity Theory. Great Class Today on the Nature of Science. I was one of the judges in a debate about the 'Limits of Science and the bias of the subject. Prof gave an interesting oveview about Reaification in Science and the Epistemological/Ontological Axis. More to follow.

October 5th - Taught two Physics Grade 12 Classes in my Practicum Today. Topic covered was Friction - Static and Kinetic. In the evening I attended a Graduation Ceremony at the Private School that I once applied the pedagogic trade in. It was refreshing to see both the Graduate and current Grade 12 students, many of whom I have instructed in Physics, Science, History or Philosophy. I have to give them credit for sitting through my avalanche of puns. I wish them all the success in the future.

October 6th - Chilled out this day. Spent it with the family but also completed two assignments for school. Started reading Lee Smolin's book on the 'Trouble with Physics'. Expect a Review soon. He really digs into String Theory.

Thats all for now.

Till later

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