Sunday, October 08, 2006

In the News X

Anti-Israel Hate Fest in town bought to you by the usual suspects
As usual the predictable forces on the far-left have gathered together to plaster Israel (the only democracy in the Middle East). Its sad to see CUPE sponsoring this crap.
Its amazing that one never sees any campaigns from the so-called champions of Human Rights regarding the boycotting of
Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Palestinian Authority, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan and other shining lights of 'progress' in that region. Once again the so-called champions of social justice reveal their hypocrisy.

Interesting discussion here on why the Palestinian's place little value on their own lives but somehow demand that the Israelis do

Its good to see Ignatieff ahead in Quebec Liberal race

Jacques Chirac accused of meddling again. No Suprise here from Western Europe's leading hypocrite.

Jack Straw stands up for common sense
Conservatives show no backbone.

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