Sunday, January 08, 2017

What irritates me about Quora?

I generally like Quora but I do find that it has a number of irritations
Here are a few
  1. Many Writers are condescending and rude when there is no reason to be so. I suspect that a great deal of those asking questions are kids who may be ignorant of certain facts. Responding politely with a well thought out answer is a far better option.
  2. Top Writers dominate key questions despite supplying answers that very often don’t live up to the hype associated with these writers.
  3. Obvious liberal bias. While Quora itself has no bias as an organization (as far as I can tell) the Quora community appears to be somewhat of a liberal echo chamber. Even conservative related topics are routinely dominated by liberals who regularly skew Conservative opinions to the applause of a Hurrah chorus.
  4. Too many questions are answered with anecdotal evidence only. While these are often great to read they don’t do justice to the broader question being asked.
  5. Questions on more nebulous topics are regularly answered with the language of certainty indicating that the author is reluctant to reflect on the strength of their argument.
  6. The Trump obsession - enough is enough…let’s move on here.

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