Monday, December 14, 2015

Anger Man

There are a lot of very angry people out there. Earlier today some guy accused me of not looking where I was going despite the fact that he was driving like a maniac and literally missed t-boning me in the parking lot. He then charged my car with eyes blaring and steam literally coming out of his nose (after giving me an obscene gesture) and dared me to hit him (he actually had his kid in the car beside him which is even more pathetic). I told him that he wasn't worth the effort. He then continued to demand that I hit him and that if I did I would be on the floor (clearly he was not a PR type of guy). I rolled up my window and drove away. I am not a violent person and if I had to resort to violence I would pick my fight. This was not worth it and I acted accordingly. Yet the incident left me rattled and I spent the next half an hour back home 'googling' videos of white guys going wild with road rage. Funny thing is that this happened outside a bagel store and the guy seemed to be a member of the tribe. Bizarre. Not sure how to interpret this at all but some people have serious anger management issues. I pity the woman who is married to this guy.
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