Sunday, January 18, 2015

Genocide in Africa

Why is it that genocide in African countries is so overlooked? I remember Rwanda in 1994 where 800,000 Tutsis and Moderate Hutus were massacred by Hutu extremists. The world neglected to intervene (Clinton and Albright were loathe to admit that this was genocide in the first place) and far more attention was given to the Eurocentric Bosnian conflict that claimed considerably less lives. We argue that black lives matter but when the chips are down the world doesn't care (including so-called civil rights leaders in the US). Its disgraceful. The same attitude defined our response to the Biafra genocide, Darfur, the civil war in Liberia, Mugabe's post independence ethnic cleansing of the Matabele, the Mozambique Civil War, Sierre Leone, the turbulent Obote-Idi Amin Era in Uganda, the Angolan Civil War, War in the Congo and of course moderrn day slavery which is still rife in Mauritania and other West African countries (by some estimates there are 8 million slaves in Africa.
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