Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thoughts on the Terrorist Acts in Canada this week

Well it had to come. The Islamists are hitting targets on Canadian soil and will continue to do so. First there was Monday’s hit-and-run attack now Wednesday’s shootings at the War Memorial and Parliament Hill. The role of ISIS in catalyzing these events is still unclear but the Jihadist link is very strong. The usual terror spin doctors in the media will of course urge us to show restraint while arguing with no particular evidence that the perpetrators are not real Muslims ...and that their actions are inconsistent with the Koran. While a part of me wishes that this were true my personal investigation into the dogma that drives these fanatics reveals a conclusion at odds with this obvious simplification. Besides the nauseating restraint request (something we in the West have followed through to a fault…often with our own safety at risk) there will be those, such as certain columnists in the Toronto Star, who will no doubt find a way of blaming these attacks on neo-conservatives, George Bush, Harper’s support for Israel, Lepanto, cartoons, Charles Martel, low budget You Tube movies and the Crusades. Anything except the real cause…The Armed Jihadist impulse in the Islamic World…A well established phenomenon with origins in the days of the prophet himself. Now I am heartened to see that some Liberals are waking up to this threat. Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher come to mind but there are still many who continue to sprout the ‘hear no evil, see no evil lines’ best exemplified by Ben Affleck in his insinuation that criticism of Islam by its very nature must be tainted by racism and that overused meaningless newspeak term Islamophobia. While a Grade eight student with a smidgeon of critical thinking could of course debunk the Affleck assertion, opponents of the Counter-Jihad continue to use his faulty line of reasoning to ever play the faithful water carrier role and give those who would like to relegate western civilization to history’s trash heap their best possible kick at the can. Good people who know that our liberties are well earned and worth fighting for should not cave into the bullying of this totalitarian ideology, nor the whining of their dhimmi apologists. We stared down National Socialism and Marxist-Leninism and we will defeat Islamism as well.
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