Saturday, July 05, 2014

Palestinian Psycopathy revealed by gutless murders

There is a definite evil, a psychological darkness, that runs through the collective consciousness of Palestinian Society.The abduction and subsequent execution of the three Israeli teens represents a depravity that is so cold in its deliberation that it can only be described as sickening. The Itamar massacre in March of 2011 was another example of such a psycopathy as were the numerous suicide bombings directed at civilian targets throughout the last decade. As much as I would like to see a peaceful resolution to this crisis I am extremely pessimistic about such an outcome. The Palestinians seem to be driven by hatred of Jews, which seems to be in grained in their psyche from a young age. The killings are a manifestation of this cradle-to-grave loathing that seems to be impermeable to reason and despite the smokescreen of diplomacy lurks behind the actions of even the so-called 'moderates'.
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