Saturday, February 15, 2014

FDR - Going beyond the myth

Why is FDR so lionized as a President? He subverted democracy by loading SCOTUS with his cronies, forced through the New Deal which actually delayed the economic recovery (many New Deal type programs were also the brainchild of the previous Hoover administration), interned Japanese Americans, clamped down on giving refuge to Holocaust victims and refused to bomb railways to the death camps. In addition he underestimated the both the brutality of Stalin and Uncle Joe’s ambitions, thereby dooming most of Eastern Europe to brutal Soviet domination. Yes, he did go to war to save the West but in reality he didn’t have much of a choice after Pearl Harbour. Hitler also made is easy for FDR by declaring war on the US only four days after this (arguably one of the biggest follies of the war). I will give FDR credit for Cash-and-Carry and Lend Lease but I think his status has been blown out of proportion by apologists such as Arthur Schlesinger. I believe that Harry Truman was a far superior president.
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