Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Challenges to Western Civilization

The march toward human betterment in Western Civilization has been opposed by various force-dynamics or barbarisms. Some of these force-dynamics have been products of the outside world others were creations from within. The following is a list of such force-dynamics. (All are problematic, some have been overcome but others remain as an epidemic that future generations will have to deal with.)

· Feudalism – Ended by the Renaissance, the Age of Exploration, early urbanization and the birth of the modern economy;
· The Domination of the Totalitarian Church – Eventually Eclipsed by the Reformation, the Enlightenment and the Rise of Reason and Science;
· Powers of the Aristocracy – Ended by both the violent and non-violent bourgeoisie revolution, liberalism and nationalism;
· Fascism – Defeated by the Western Democracies in World War II;
· Communism – Defeated by the Economic Machine of the United States;
· Islamism – A struggle that still continues;
· Post Modernism – A challenge in progress – a consequence of intellectual nihilism and misguided cynicism;
· Greed Capitalism – A dangerous but age old phenomenon that still survives.
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