Monday, April 25, 2011

World News

The Republicans backed a toothless budget that failed to cut funding to the uber-leftist NPR and makes only a minor dent in deficit reduction. I have always believed that John Boehner was the wrong man for the job and this budget provides further evidence. Although the Republicans control the House they are still a party in disarray who lack the where-with-all to make a challenge in 2012. I am hoping that someone of the like of Chris Christie will come to the forefront but at the moment Obama and co. are in a strong position to retain the White House.Unfortunately.

Arch relativist - Jimmy Carter - is in North Korea sucking lip with yet another dictator. This time its Kim il-Jung, the meglomaniac, mid-life crisis, one man wrecking operation who has succesfully impoverished his nation of less than twenty million people. Carter is joined in his mission by fellow appeasers Gro Harlem Brundtland, Mary Robinson and Nelson Mandela.

There is an upsurge in NDP support in Quebec which has the do-nothing 'Lie'brals quaking in their boots before the May 2011 Canadian federal election. If polls are to be believed the 70's style high tax socialists may emerge as official opposition replacing the 90's defined middle-of-the road fence sitters in the commons. Still looking to come with a campaign platform that will take them from inept to insipid this may be the worst elections that the Grits are facing since their thumping by pseudo-conservative Brian Mulroney in the 80s.

Footer Update

Liverpool's season has been on the up and up since I last wrote with victories against Manchester City (3-0) and Birmingham (5-0) as well as a gritty draw (1-1) with Arsenal at the Emirates. I stand by my earlier suggestion that the season is a stinker but if the stars align it may be possible for the Reds to pip Spurs for fifth and earn a place in the Europa Cup.

The real excitement is in Spain. I am hoping that Barca will win the Spanish League (which they should) but they may come up short against Mourinho's squad in the Champion's League who seem to have found their stride. In the other clash Manchester United should come through against Schalke but I doubt that the Devils have enough in the tank to take care of either of the Spanish giants.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

What a stinker of a season

The English football season has been disappointing and I never thought that I would say this but a part of me wishes that it were over. Yes over......Man U,the kings of the comeback (but really the force of three seasons ago), are winning the title by default as both Chelsea and Arsenal spiral into mediocrity. Man City are doing enough to stay in the top four but are hardly setting the world on fire (as their expense book would indicate) while Spurs have clearly set their sights on taking the Champions League at Wembley and seem content with a Europa League place next year.

However the performance of all of the above dwarfs my team, Liverpool, who except for the handful of performances (against Chelsea and Man U at Anfield), have been downright awful. Pathetic is a better word perhaps.

The Reds are in six spot courtesy of the insipidness of the rest of the league rather than their own stealth. The loss count has ballooned to 12 games (the same as bottom placed Wigan) and the likes of West Ham, West Brom, Blackpool (twice), Blackburn and Wolves can all gloat, having at one time or another, taken the three points from Liverpool.

If this were not bad enough Liverpool can add to their failures an inglorious exit from the Europa League at the hands of minnows Sporting Braga, whose 'world class defense' (once guilty of being at the receiving end of a 6-0 Arsenal thrashing) completely shut out the not-so-big red machine 'attack' over two legs. Couple this with first effort losses against Northampton and Man U in the Cups and the case for shutting the door on this season is made ever more clearer.

Fortunately there is always next year (the beauty of sports) but until then I will bury my head, watch reruns of the glory years and hope against all evidence that the Reds can recover from the malaise that has been the story of 2010-2011. Good luck guys.