Saturday, December 31, 2011

Obama - Three Years of Pathos

There is no doubt whatsoever that Barack Hussein Obama has been a D-Level president. In fact in almost all categories he falls short of the litmus test for marginal competency.

On the economic front, the Obama stimulus packages have failed miserably to ignite the economy (as any monetarist could have told him) and instead has entangled the US with the greatest debt in the history of the republic. This ‘legacy’ that future generations will have to account for is a noxious burden made worse by the fact that so much of it is held by China – a country destined to overthrow the US as the leading superpower both economically and strategically. Furthermore Obama and his intellectual posse have advocated a cultural of financial dependency by ensuring that 47% of Americans will be benefiting but not contributing to the nation’s tax base. Confidence in the economy is low and as manufacturing potential deteriorates the spiral of American decline is further exemplified by a shrinking private sector and the growth of the big government monolith. Critics will argue that Obama inherited many of these problems from the previous administration, a charge that carries a semblance of truth (although the Democrat controlled Congress shoulders much blame as well), but the fact that he has made a bad situation exponentially worse and now owns much of the current problem is a more potent truism.

However if the lights are all but out on Obama’s economic policy, his Foreign Policy initiatives deserve equal ridicule. Particularly galling is his failure to apply common sense to the ever present cauldron of middle east politics. Starting with appeasement and self flagellation at his infamous Cairo Speech, Obama has carried on the disastrous Carter initiatives of undermining American allies (in this case Israel and Mubarak’s Egypt) and empowering Islamic Fundamentalism in some misguided attempt to appear even handed. Just as Carter helped bring into power the Mullahs in Iran, Obama - through his free pass to the Islamists and rejection of Mubarak - must take credit for the pending and very likely takeover of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood- a fate that seems ever likely as the Arab Spring turns ever more sour (as if there was an alternative for a region that has still not moved into the enlightenment era). Couple that with his ill-fated Libyan venture, the growth of religious fundamentalism in Tunisia and Turkey, instability in Bahrain, Yemen and the growing nuclear menace of Iran and one would be hard pressed to find a life jacket in this sea of insanity.

But wait wasn’t Obama supposed to be the ethics president who was ushered in as a voice of change. True but who said change had to positive? Especially when it comes from a man who lacked the moral fortitude to back the people protests in Iran over the rigged election in his early tenure, and who constantly calls on Israel two making dangerous one sided compromises for the sake of an imaginary peace with a vengeful genocide driven enemy. Compare this to Ronald Reagan’s voice in calling out the Soviet Union's Evil Empire in the 1980s for what it really was (a human rights violator and tyranny) and the contrast in leadership is striking.

However Obama will persist, bolstered by his own sense of grandeur. He will take solace in the implementation of Obamacare, for which liberal historians will lionize him (as they did for Lyndon Johnson’s over hyped Great Society or Roosevelt’s New deal which in reality prolonged the Depression of the 1930s), even if the economics of paying for such a medical system will further increase the role of intrusive government, weaken the economy by augmenting debt accumulation, and in all probability downgrade the quality of health care available in the US, as is evident with the tortured history of socialized medicine in Western Europe and elsewhere.

What astounds me though is with all these shortcomings he still maintains a messiah-was at the forefront of great technology charge during the Cold War into an adjunct arm that seems almost wholly focussed in drumming up data to appease the mania associated with the global warming cult. Even a post modernist couldn’t have predicted such obvious deterioration in an organization synonymous with the American triumph. American Science will be rescued by private initiatives as it always has but this will of no thanks to the Obamabots.

Which brings me to the root of the Obama menace. Yes he is a third rate leader, but more to the point he is dangerous. The West needs strength especially in the light of the Islamist barbarism, cultural degradation, economic disaster and the entropy of decay that challenges any civilization. The US, following the abdication of Europe, is the natural leader in such regards but in order to lead it must believe with a full-heart in itself and have at its head a President who is comfortable with its exceptionalism. The fact that Obama is apparently devoid of this outlook is frightening and of comfort only to those who rejoice in the American decline. I pity the US should he be re-elected in 2012.
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