Sunday, September 04, 2011


The struggle against the ideology of Islamism is one of the biggest challenges facing Western Civilization in the post Cold War Era. It was Islamism that was behind the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks and it is Islamism, driven by its violent actions and by the fellow travellers that define the stealth Jihad that has wreaked havoc in the Philipines, Somalia, Spain, France, Algeria, Iran, Gaza, Lebanon, Egypt, Argentina, the Netherlands. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, China, Russia, Israel, Yemen, Kenya, Tanzania, to name just a ‘few.

However the Islamists have been assisted consciously in their struggle to spread their barbarism by the action of several water carrier groups in the West. The following is a list of several of these groups/individuals (in no particular order).

3. International ANSWER
4. Code Pink
6. ISM
7. The Soros Foundation
8. Grover Norquist and co.
9. Free Gaza Campaign
10. International Socialists
11. Think Progress
12. Southern Poverty League
13. Counterpunch Magazine
14. Mother Jones
15. The Nation
16. New York Times Editorial Board
17. Wikileaks
18. The American Conservative Magazine
19. Michael Moore
20. Naomi Klein
21. Richard Falk
22. Noam Chomsky
23. Robert Fisk
24. Glenn Greenwald
25. The Truther Movement
26. Ron Paul
27. Dennis Kucinich
28. Stormfront
29. Arabists in the State Department
30. The Inept CIA
31. A host of so-called American Pseudo-Academics that include Norman Finkelstein, Nicholas de Genova, Ward Churchill, Juan Cole etc.
32. Silly Hollywood celebs like Sean Penn, Viggo Mortensen, Danny Glover, Rosie O'Donnell
33. The Daily Kos
34. The Guardian Editorial Board
35. ACLU
36. Tariq Ali
37. The Politically Correct Homeland Security Department
38. Jimmy Carter
39. Samantha Power
40. The corrupt and failed UNO.
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