Sunday, April 11, 2010

In the News LXVIII

Polish President dies in Plane Crash

Lech Kaczynski seemed like a man of reason. His loss will be mourned.

Bishop Abel Muzorewa passes away at 85

Muzorewa was a moderate who (if given the chance) may have saved the country from the turmoil that is Mugabe

More delusion from Obama and co.
- Hamid Karzai is a reliable partner .......more like a reliable charlatan

The Plot thickens in the Eugene Terre'blanche killing
- Terre'blanche was a thug of the highest order and a despicable human being but now it appears as though the motives for his murder are more complicated than originally believed.

UK Elections - Tories draw first blood

The Conservatives will win but not in a landslide....This is more a case of labour running out of ideas than anything else.
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