Friday, November 07, 2008

20 reasons why John McCain came up short in 2008

1. The public perception that the economic woes are the fault of Republican policy. Of course the issue is clearly more complicated than this (with many parties to blame including the Democrat controlled Congress) but the MSM framed it in such a context and the public seemed to have bought into this bias.

2. The Democrats successfully and unfairly linked McCain to the unpopular Bush administration - this appeared to have stuck.

3. Money - The Dems far outspent McCain and co. with campaign superdollars. Money often,(ut not always, buys results and this seemed to be the case here.

4. Sarah Palin - her inexperience on the key issues showed - the MSM buried her in this department and tagged McCain with the smear.

5. Obama proved to be the master of the sound bite. He could sell sand in Dubai...

6. McCain had a poor environmental policy...Obama offered an increasingly green electorate a more forward thinking approach in this department

7. Obama's marketing team were brilliant in remaking Obama from a left wing senator into a centrist politician...I personally don't believe that much of this transformation is genuine but the electorate seems to have okayed the change.

8. High turnouts brought out more Democrat voters than would otherwise be the case.

9. International support was clearly behind Obama. In an increasingly global world such sentiment probably trickled across to influence the US Electorate.

10. The success of the surge - a key McCain driving point - was played down by the MSM so that it became a non-issue in November.

11. McCain looked tired and old during certain phases of the campaign compared to
the youthful Obama. This certainly did not help him.

12. Minority groups make up a larger percent of the US population. Hispanics in particular helped solidify Democrat positions in California and New Mexico. Republicans need to be more vigilant in the future with respect to winning the minority vote.

13. The GOP political machine proved to be inefficient in registering voters in key swing states such as Colorado and Florida.

14. Possible voter fraud connected to such pro-Obama groups as ACORN may have influenced results in Ohio. I would love to see an investigation of such irregularities.

15. There have been an influx of Democrat voters into Virginia and North Carolina. This turned these former Bush states into Obama territory.

16. Some prominent Conservatives (Obamacons) jumped ship from the GOP in the closing days of the election. This may have had the broader effect of shifting some Conservative voters towards the Illinois senator.

17. The Republicans failed to make significant inroads with the university educated sector of the US population. The GOP's apparent platform focus appeared to be more geared toward the 'redneck' element of the electorate.

18. Some conservatives stayed at home on election day as they felt that neither candidate was Conservative enough to warrant their support.

19. The Republican brand seemed fatigued. The Democrat cry for change played on this.

20. Michael Moore kept his mouth shut this time around.
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