Monday, February 18, 2008

Twelve Ways to Improve Canada

1. Reform the country's immigration plan - add citizenship requirements of seven years, restrict dual citizenship status, force new immigrants whose first language is not English or French to obtain a working proficiency in either of these two languages within five years of obtaining landed immigrant status.

2. Add Medical user fees indexed to income. Those with no income or very little income will still receive free medical.

3. Re-establish the exclusiveness of a university education by limiting places at university. Alternatively encourage through apprenticeship programs the development of more home grown artisans.

4. Reform the senate so that it becomes an elected body.

5. Abolish all Human Rights Commissions - let courts deal with these issues instead.

6. Reform provincial transfer payment system so that 'receiver provinces' can break the dependency cycle.

7. Decrease overall income tax rates. Allow consumption taxation rates to remain as is.

8. Introduce the Death Penalty for Serial Killers.

9. Ban partial birth abortions.

10. Limit immigration to Toronto and other high density population areas.

11. Give more tax breaks to Canadian families having children.

12. Tax Lottery Winnings
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