Saturday, January 06, 2007

In the News XIV

Critics slam Harper foe enlarging cabinet
More Big Government in Canada. Tories are starting to look a lot like the Liberals. Also Wajid Khan should step down and fight a by-election if he wishes
to cross the floor. Tories look like hypocrites having criticized Belinda Stronach earlier.

Saddam still has his fans

Iran to press on with Nuclear Program.
China came down forcefully on Iran but I am not sure this will help.

Abbas declares Hamas militia illegal,7340,L-3348962,00.html
Another failed state is in its early genesis.

Teddy Kollek RIP
Israel buries the kegendary Jerusalem mayor.

Chavez opts for Nepotism
I guess he is following in the footsteps of his hero Castro.

Time to rebuild Cuban link
At least someone is thinking ahead

More troops to Iraq
How about allowing the ones that are currently there to do their job?

German economy on the rise
Is Angela Merkel the next Maggie Thatcher? Methinks so.

Chirac is trying to be a hero
Is he genuine or is the French President trying to make himself look good
before the Presidential elections in April?

Cameron says Blair successor should call early election
Not much choice here - a watered down Tory Party vs Gordon Brown and the rabble.
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