Sunday, April 30, 2006

Conservatives versus Leftism – An Intro

What is a political conservative?

A political conservative is one who believes in the foundations of both civilization and society. By foundations I mean the very building blocks that the society has been constructed on. In the West these foundations are democracy, order, rule of law and meritocracy. Conservatives support high standards whether this is in education or in life for it is through high standards that we rightfully grow and mature.

Do conservatives abhor change?

Not at all. Change is necessary so long as it does not attempt to tear down and recreate the foundations. In fact change is necessary. It is through gradual change that our civilization has developed. The change that conservatives detest is that of foundation stripping and societal engineering. These philosophies which manifested themselves in the radicalism of the French Jacobins lies at the forefront of non-conservative thought. They are dangerous and must be resisted.

What then is Leftism?

Leftism by its very nature is anti-establishment. Leftists are obsessed with Utopist ideals that seek to recreate society in a particular vision. Most of these ideals (if not all) are unrealistic but have a romantic appeal in a ‘better then the status quo’ aspect. This is there weakness. Radicalism gave humanity the excesses of State Socialism, Marxism, Maoism, Religious Fundamentalism, and National Socialism. Each one was a disaster for humanity.

The Leftist strategy is fourfold:

Work to discredit the establishment where possible through non-cooperation and rhetoric;
Seize control of the key institutions of society (in particular Government, the Judiciary and the Education System);
Strip down the Foundations of the Old Establishment (the intermediate anarchy phase);
Build from scratch the new ‘Utopia’.

In all of these steps the overlying philosophy is that the ‘End Justifies the Means.’

How can you bring together such groups with as differing philosophies as Religious Fundamentalism and Marxism? Aren’t they opposed to one another?

Politically these Leftist Philosophies clash as each has a different version of Utopia but in all other aspects they are similar. Both adhere to the Fourfold strategy outlined above, both detest the establishment, both hate the success of Western Democracy and both ultimately seek to crush individuality, through social engineering. That is the ultimate goal of Leftist Philosophy. The creation of one mind stripped of difference marching to the drum of the Utopist Beat. Ultimately the individual has to be sacrificed for society. It is this concept which sickens conservatives who know only too well the lessons of history.

In their hatred of the establishment Leftists will join forces with other Leftists whose Utopist philosophy contradicts their own. Look at the Alliance between the Nazis and the Communists prior to the Invasion of Poland in 1939. Today International Socialists, Trotskyite students and Radical Feminists march hand in hand with Islamist radicals to oppose the War against Terror. It is not uncommon to see leftist gay groups champion the actions of Muslim extremists, even if they must know that gay rights would be smashed under an Islamic regime. In a sense it is all too sickening.

However to me this is no surprise. Leftists hate conservatives more than they detest one another, especially when conservatives absorb the workable parts of their agenda into society before they (the Leftists) have had a chance to strip down its very pillars. Lets not forget that it was Otto van Bismarck (The arch-Conservative) who took the thunder from State Socialists by implementing a pension plan in late 19th century Germany, a pension plan that worked without dismantling the system. How very terrible?

Why do Leftists detest history?

History serves to discredit the utopist version that underpins all Leftist ideology. In history there is continual struggle between conservative change a leftist radicalism, with the latter contributing to much human suffering (The Reign of Terror in France, Nazism, Stalin’s Purges, Mao’s Cultural Revolution etc etc). History also tells the story of the triumph of conservative democracy in the US, UK, Western Europe, and India. Leftists are keen to downplay these successes and so have created a watered down version of the facts which due to the preponderance of leftists in academia have found there way into modern school curricula. First to go was the ‘Great Man’ concept of historical analysis, following shortly on this was the elimination of fact based history and its replacement by historical relativism a euphemistic phrase for slanting history along the bias of choice. So much so that students can emerge from a course (and believe me as a teacher I have seen it) knowing nothing about Napoleon or Italian Unification but plenty about class conflict and the power of the elites. This is a travesty. In order to understand and appreciate history it is essential to know the chronology of events, who the individuals evolved were, how did they clash with one another evolve and what was the outcome. Once these factors have been established it is then possible to analyze the situation using all the –isms you want. Today’s method of history teaching does the opposite. It glosses over the details, heads straight for the –isms giving the student a half-baked view of history. Leftists are fond of this, as they can twist history to suit their taste while at the same time providing the student with as little context to contradict their dogma. Its all so very dangerous but this is what radicals aspire to.

Is Anti-Semitism a Leftist Philosophy?

Anti-Semites exist on both sides of the political divide. However Leftist Philosophy is more appealing to the Anti-Judaic mindset. Its no co-incidence that Marxism, Nazism and Islamism have had strong veins of anti-semitic philosophy running through them. All three philosophies, as well as Socialism, Anarchism and Social Libertarianism detest the Jews. The reason for this is simple. The Gift of the Jews to Western Civilization has been immense. Judaic ethical values adopted by a largely Christian society form the basis for our Modern Western Civilization. In addition it’s the Jewish emphasis on learning that has influenced Christianity and in turn helped Western Civilization reach its greatness. Judaic law focuses on critical thinking not on slanted dogma which the Left adheres to. This open-minded methodology has always ensured a level headed approach to Jewish Philosophy that has been well adapted to Christian thought. Since Leftisms intermediate goal is the destruction of the establishment, a hatred of Judaic values, ideas and institutions is a necessary consequence. I have studied the readings of the various Leftists philosophies and despite their apparent political differences the rhetoric from the Radicals is overwhelmingly consistent when it concerns the hatred of the Jews. If the Nazis hadn’t of attempted mass genocide against the Jews some other radical group would have. Judaic values after all sit at the center of our society and are anathema to the Leftist Revolution. In Conclusion Anti-Semitism is not just a leftist belief it’s a necessity for its adherents.

Quiz #3 - Algebra


1.What is the most common type of technique used for solving matrix problems?
2.This acronym describes the procedure one should use when multiplying two binomials with one another. What is the acronym?
3.How can one tell if two straight line equations represent functions that are perpendicular to one another?
4. If b*b-4ac<0 5log1000=" ?" xy="6?" 2 ="4?" slopes =" -1." 1000 =" 3)" c="0.">0 then the graph has a minimum.
8.Highest Common Factor.
9.The products of the magnitude of each vector multiplied by the cosine of the angle between the vectors.
11.A hyperbola.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'll be egotistical today...

Name: Gavin Kanowitz
Place of Birth: Pretoria South Africa
Religion: Jewish
Myers-Briggs Type: INfp
IQ: 99.5th percentile on WAIS-III
Enneagram Type: The Connoisseur/Logical Thinker
Favorite Colour Combination: Red/Black
Political Philosophy that best describes me: Libertarian
Favourite Political Figures: Winston Churchill,
Menachem Begin and Abraham Lincoln.
Favourite Sports Teams: American Football - San Francisco 49ers
Baseball - Toronto Blue Jays
Basketball - Toronto Raptors
Cricket - South Africa
Real Football - Liverpool and England
Ice Hockey - Toronto Maple Leafs
Rugby - South Africa (Springboks)
Favourite Sport: Real Football of course.
Favourite European City: London
Favourite Continental European City: Amsterdam
Favourite Superhero: Batman
Favourite Comic Character: Judge Dredd
Favourite Painting: The Coronation of Napoleon by
David (Louvre version)
Favourite Golfer: Ernie Els
3 Favourite Composers: Beethoven, Mozart and Tchaikovsky.
Favourite Actor: Kevin Spacy/Ed Norton (its a tie)
Favourite Actress: Emma Thompson
5 Favourite Rock Groups (in order): Queen
Pink Floyd
The Doors
3 Favourite solo artists (in order): John Lennon
Billy Joel
Bob Marley

History of the Future

My History of the Future book is complete. A copy of the front cover can be seen at

For a description of the book go to



Monday, April 17, 2006

10 Positives from the Iraqi War

1. Sadaam Hussein was ousted from power.
2. The Shiite Muslims can regain the privilege of freedom of worship.
3. The devastation carried out by Sadaam Hussein’s regime against the land of the Marsh Arabs can be reversed up to a point.
4. Iraq is no longer a threat to the oil fields of the gulf states.
5. Sadaam Hussein’s son Uday, who was notorious for raping women and beating up athletes is now dead. Sadaam Hussein is on trial.
6. The Kurds have a better chance of obtaining a homeland (although I personally cannot see this happening especially with the possibility that a Kurdish homeland may destabilize Turkey which has a large Kurdish population).
7. Baghdad can be rebuilt into an economic center, perhaps reclaiming its former position (held in the 12th century) as the most important city in the Arab world.
8. The war did not escalate into the Arab World v The West Third World War that so many predicted it would. The war also did not spill over into Jordan and Syria.
9. Many weapons that could prove vital to Western security in the future were battle tested.
10. No weapons of mass destruction were used against US troops (I am still not convinced that they never existed).

Similarities between the Jews and the Armenians

1. Both are religious minorities in the Middle East. The Armenians are christians.
2. Both have been the subject of a 20th century genocide. Over 1.5 million Armenians were killed by the Turks in World War I. 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis in World War II.
3. Both reclaimed their nation states in the 20th century.
4. Both are in conflict with a predominantly Islamic local population group - the Palestinians and the Azerbaijans.
5. Both have larger population groups living in the diaspora than in the homeland.
6. Both are a merchant based society.
7. Both have been heavily influenced by both the Ottoman Empire and Russia.
8. Both have produced more than their fair share of quality chess players.
9. Both played a vital economic role in pre-Mullah Iran.
10. Both have mountains as symbols of their people: Mount Zion for the Jews and Mount Ararat for the Armenians.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

These are really over used

10 Business clich├ęs that I don’t miss for a second… that I have quit the business world

A Dynamic Web-based application
Thinking outside the box – nobody who thinks outsides the box ever uses this one.
He is the Grand Poopah of the organization
Exceeding expectations
A revenue opportunity
Hit the road running
Drinking from a fire hydrant
Cost of sales focus
Increasing diversity in the playing field
Networking strategy method

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hitler and World War II

He might not necessarily have won the war but Hitler could have improved his chances if he had.....

1. Not broken his non-Aggression Pact with Russia and ordered Operation Barbarossa,
2. Not perecuted the Jews and other undesirables thereby stripping Germany of valuable brainpower and wasting much resources that could have been used for the war effort,
3. Not declared war so quickly on the US after Pearl Harbour,
4. Not switched tactics several times during Opertation Barbarossa,
5. Not underestimated the importance of RADAR to the Brits,
6. Not used blind racism to understimate the strength of African-American fighting units,
7. Put more faith on his Jet plane units instead of focusing on the V1 and V2 rockers towards war end,
8. Listened more carefully to his generals (especially Rommel and Guaderain),
9. Not slept through the early period of D-Day (Overlord) having given strict instructions not to be disturbed,
10. Not spread his forces so thin that they were often prey to resistance and partisan groups,
11. Not pushed the UK to brinkmanship by his stupidity in Poland,
12. Not deemed Nuclear Physics a Jewish Science thereby throwing the advantage to the Allies in this field,
13. Not wasted time attacking North Africa,
14. Not overestimated Nazi support in the US,
15. Not underestimated the intelligence of the Slavs (in particular the Russians and the Serbs),
16. Not turned on the Ukrainians who at one time appeared to be natural allies,
17. Used Irish Nationalism as a force to undermine the Brits,
18. Not placed so much faith in his 'unbreakable' war code,
19. Not given the RAF breathing time to rebuild by changing his strategy in the Battle of Britain to bomb civilian sites,
20. Not allowed Germany to become a bureaucratic nightmare by allowing the instruments of totaliterianism from going out of hand,
21. taken the opportunity to finish the British Expeditionary Force at Dunkirk instead of hesitating to do so.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Quiz #2 - AIDS

1.What does AIDS stand for?
2.Which French scientist first identified the HIV virus?
3.In what city was this first international AIDS conference held (Clue: Think of the Center for Disease Control)?
4. This drug was approved in 1987 to fight AIDS. What was the drug?
5. What type of inhibitor is the anti-AIDS drug Saquinavir?
6.What type of cells are targeted by HIV?
7.What is the more common variant of the HIV strain seen in Africa?
8.What was GRID?
9.According to a common theory from what type of animal did HIV-1 pass onto human beings?
10.In what city was the AIDS memorial quilt started?
11. Which Surgeon General authored the book Understanding AIDS?
12.In 1991 Fox became the first network in the US to air a paid commercial for this product. Name the product?

Answers for AIDS

1.Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
2.Dr. Luc Montagnier at the Pasteur Institute.
5.A Protease Inhibitor.
6.T-helper lymphopcytes or CD4 cells.
8.An early name for AIDS – GRID stands for Gay Related Immuno Deficiency.
9.A chimpanzee prior to 1955.
10.San Francisco in 1987.
11. C. Everett Koop. Over 100 million copies were mailed out in 1988.
12.The condom.

Chemical Engineering

This was my second degree (First was a regular Bsc. Zoology and Physics).Completed four year program in three years thanks to Advance Standing courses obtained from BSc. degree in zoology and biophysics. I have mixed feelings about the Chemical Engineering program that I took at the University of Toronto.

10 positives

1. It improved my problem solving skills immensely especially with respect to sorting out critical information from noise data for effective analysis.
2. Enhanced time management ability. Six Exams in six days will do that for you.
3. Opened my eyes to the numerous practicalities of science.
4. Taught me to write first class lab reports and assignments.
5. Math and Computer knowledge multiplied.
6. Made some great friends in the program (Bob, Lubi, Julie, Dave)
7. Learnt that I definitely was not your stereotypical engineer.
8. Made me appreciate history and writing even more (it was the best defense that I had against the tedium of most of the engineering work).
9. Discovered that my strongest advantage with respect to most other engineers was my ability to communicate.
10. Realized that graduate studies in engineering is definitely not the pathway I tend to follow in life. I do not have the patience for research.

10 negatives

1. Found many of the professors to be arrogant and caught up in their own perceived self importance.
2. Eighty percent of the curriculum was mind-numbingly dry.
3. Too many quizzes and assignments. Would have preferred courses that allowed one to work at your own pace.
4. All day labs ….ugghh
5. The Energy and Mass Transfer Course - Too much calculus not enough pure reason.
6. All or nothing marking schemes. In my opinion this detracts from education.
7. Not enough electives out of the Engineering curriculum.
8. University did not assist one much in landing a position in industry after graduation.
9. Too many time pressured exams - often wonder what the point of some of these exams were?
10. Third Year - were hey trying to kill us with work or what?

9 Chemical Engineering concepts that appealed most to my intellect.

1. The Mass and Energy balance (a very powerful tool for problem solving).
2. The functioning of heat exchange devices for the transfer of energy.
3. Distillation and the concept of relative volatility.
4. Applications of the three reactor types: The Batch, Continuous Flow and Plug Flow reactors.
5. Bernoulli’s Equation in Fluid Mechanics.
6. Force and Torque balances in Static problems. I love mechanics.
7. Laplace transformations and their use in solving engineering problems of process control.
8. Net Present Value calculations in determining the feasibility of engineering projects.
9. Reynold’s number problems in determining the type of fluid flow.